Baby born in intact amniotic bag – VIDEO

An impressive video of this baby born without breaking the amniotic bag.

In the video we can see the birth of the little baby, and immediately after the obstetrician to break the amniotic sac. It is very rare for this to happen, and it is estimated that happens once every 80,000 births.

In the video, the baby moves and even yawns, no notion that is no longer inside the mother’s womb. When breaking the bag, the first baby’s breathing is recorded forever. This is because it inside the bag still receiving oxygen through the umbilical cord.

“It all seemed in slow motion but realistically should have been 10 seconds we had to record it, because at the same time we wanted to take the baby bag and help him breathe,” said the Dr.Binder

Silas was born three months premature, but after 14 weeks in the hospital, went home and is in good health

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