Exciting moment when mother holds her premature baby

This mother had to wait 60 hours to be able to pick up on your baby. Can you imagine the anxiety of this mother ..?

We had already spoken in premature babies in the past, and we know that is not an easy situation to deal with, but it is not impossible that everything goes well!

In this case, Jessica Collinson, of Canada, had to wait 60 hours to finally be able to get to your desired son, the moment was striking and exciting … certainly a special moment that will be remembered by all.

“I expected to register a time and I ended up capturing something more,” said Father.

Hugo, was born with only 900 grams, imagine ?! and he was born two months prematurely. But all went well, he’s fine and every day healthier! see the video.

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Mãe segura o seu bebê prematuro pela primeira vezEsta mãe teve de esperar 60 horas para poder pegar no seu bebê. Consegue imaginar a ansiedade desta mãe..?> beberindo.net/momento-emocionante-em-que-mae-segura-o-seu-bebe-prematuro

Publicado por Bebe Rindo em Quarta-feira, 2 de Março de 2016

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